Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I found yet another way to express my crafty side with my Cricut machine. One of the companies that I buy supplies from, PrintOnIt.com, just came out with this material, Cut Color & Wear, that allows you to cut Cricut images on it, then take the images off and color them with soft-tip markers. Then you iron the images onto T-shirts, bags, etc.

Here are my experiments, with some help from my daughter, that we tried tonight:

This mermaid, above and below, is from Life's A Beach.

This shark title is also from Life's A Beach.

The puppy is from Animal Kingdom and the letters are Plantin Schoolbook.

I am pretty impressed with Cut Color & Wear so far. I still have to wash the shirts and see how they launder, but the company's directions say it is machine washable. We'll have to test that and see what happens.
I do have some tips when using this material:
1. Make sure that you flip the image if you are cutting words.
2. Make sure your markers are fairly new and fresh. And yes, the company says you can use Crayola washable markers. But I will wait to say this for sure until after I wash them.

The possibilities are endless with this stuff. You could make t-shirts for events and only pay the $2 or $3 it costs to buy the shirt at a craft store. The Cut Color & Wear sheets cost about $1.75 a 6x12 sheet, so it isn't cheap. But if you use it wisely, you can get images for 2 shirts out of 1 sheet.

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  1. Have you had any problems cutting this material on your Cricut?

    And do you have any suggestions on settings?

    Can you please reply as a blog answer or email me at:

    Jan Miller


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