Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I love using chipboard, also known as cardboard to some of you, in my scrapbooking. It adds just a little dimension and depth to an otherwise flat page. And if you know how, you can cut chipboard with your Cricut.

But I get lots of questions about where to find and buy chipboard. Honestly, you don't need to buy it. Free chipboard is all around you. It is essentially the back of notepads, stuck inside many scrapbook paper pads and... are you ready for this... in your kitchen cupboard disguised as cereal, fruit snack, and any other food boxes. Plus, boxes are thinner and easier to work with as well as a good way to recycle.

Just cut the boxes down to a useable size, tape down to your Cricut mat and use it to cut letters and shapes. It is fairly easy to cut with the Expressions. It can be done with the Little Cricut as well -- but there is a trick to it. If you want to know the trick, email me. The depth and pressure will depend on the thickness of the chipboard.

Here is one project I did using a cereal box...

This is the cityscape from Plantin Schoolbook. First, I cut a chipboard base, then layered the basic cityscape in yellow with the tall ball version in black.

Above is the front of my chipboard cityscape...

And now you can see what I cut it from... using my favorite breakfast cereal.

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