Saturday, February 13, 2010


Wow, there have been lots of great prices on Cricut machines in the past few months. That's probably why I've had such a spike in the numbers of students taking my classes. And with three versions of the machine (soon to be 4 with the Cricut Cake coming), I get asked a lot which machine I think is the best: the original Cricut, the Cricut Create and the Cricut Expressions.
The answer is: If you already own a machine, the best machine is the one you own. They all basically do the same thing. There are only a few things you can do with the big Expressions machine that you can't do with the original machine and the Create.
If you don't own a machine yet, the best machine depends on what you want to use it for and how much you have to spend.
Most basic cardmakers and scrapbookers will do just fine with the original machines, which tend to cost less. In fact, Big Lots has the Create on sale for $99 this weekend. That is a great price! If you buy a used machine on Ebay or Craigslist, most of the time it is because someone either never used it or upgraded to the bigger machine. But let buyer beware when doing this -- there is no way to know if the user used it properly, or damaged it at some point. If you know the person selling it, that's a better situation in my opinion. Just make sure you turn the machine on and cut something with it before you exchange money with anyone.
Now, I have the Expressions machine, which makes me a bit biased. But I usually recommend only getting the bigger machine if you have the space at home to use it -- it requires more room on the tabletop and is not as portable as the smaller machine. If you have a dedicated scrap space, this machine may be perfect for you.

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