Friday, April 30, 2010


Here's a funny side story from my trip to Chicago: I knew I would be demonstrating in one of the Omaha area stores but I had no idea if they had hired anyone else for the other stores. Just after I checked into the hotel, I saw a woman who looked very familiar. I walked up to her and said, "I think I know you." She replied, "Yes, I took one of your Cricut classes in Omaha."
I quickly remembered her as one of my students from the Busy Scrappin store in Bellevue. It was awesome to know that someone I taught felt confident enough in her skills to apply for and get such a cool opportunity. I was very proud, and grateful that I had someone to hang out with all weekend. She and I stuck together like glue and were even on the same flight home to Omaha.
If that wasn't cool enough, I recognized another lady while I was in line to eat dinner the first night. I knew her right away and ran over to greet her. She also is one of my former students and now she is the Cricut demonstrator for the Michaels store in Lincoln.
We consider ourselves the Nebraska team, and I am honored to have taught them both. But I have a feeling they will end up teaching me things, too!

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  1. funny story!!! hey it was great hanging out with you too! --Kelly (fellow cricut cake demonstator!)


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