Saturday, May 22, 2010


I haven't always been a Design Studio fan. I used to think it was hard to work with and not worth the time or money.

I WAS WRONG! And all because of one silly little feature: Hide Contour!
I did this title thingy with the Summer Vacation cartridge and my DS!

I was very easily able to cut different colors and save paper by using Hide Contour! Here is a screen shot of a similar title that I designed for this example. I welded the words with the suitcases so they will cut as one piece.

Then, I selected a portion of the image -- in this case, it was the suitcase handle. Then I right-clicked on my mouse and it brings up this little menu. On the bottom is Hide Contour.

The Hide Selected Contour tells the Cricut not to cut the parts that you hide. In the bottom example, the Cricut would just cut the bold pieces so you can easily make them different colors AND use your scraps to do it!

NOTE: The Gypsy currently DOES NOT have this feature. But I was told at my Provo Craft training that they are considering adding this feature in an upcoming Gypsy update.

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