Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year, everyone! 
I know lots of us are contemplating New Year's resolutions right now. I know I am, and I will probably post more about those later. But if your resolutions have anything to do with scrapbooking, and especially the Cricut machine, then let me help! 
I have lots of scrapbooking, card making and Cricut classes already scheduled for January and February. As usual, my schedule is posted to the right of this blog. 
Here is a sample of the project that we will work on in my Cricut Test Drive class at the Michaels store in Bellevue, Nebraska. 
Cricut Test Drive project
This class is designed for people who just got a Cricut, have a Cricut but rarely use it and those who would like to try it out first. The class costs $10 and runs about an hour. 
In addition, I am working on several other workshops, classes and even page kits for this year. Again... more about that later.
I also am available for private sessions at Michaels, your home or mine, depending on what you'd like to learn.
Well, have a great New Year holiday and be safe! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have a new session of Spotted Canary Scrapbook School opening in January and I am opening it up to anyone ages 10 and over. So, if your daughter (or son) has shown interest in scrapbooking and you'd like to get them started the right way, then let me help.

The classes are the Michaels craft store in Bellevue, Nebraska, on Friday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., starting January 6 and run for four weeks. The cost is $25, plus supplies. The students will learn how to properly crop photos, choose colors and design classic layouts that will look great even years from now.
If you'd like to take the class with your child, that is fine also.
I also have a daytime Learn to Scrapbook class on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m.
If you are interested, you can sign up now at the store, 15th and Cornhusker Road in Bellevue. If you have questions, you can email me at

Friday, December 9, 2011


Most scrapbookers find it easy to document the happy events in life: the holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc. But what about the sadder side of life: divorce, illness, death?
I am looking for ideas to document the birth, short life and loss of my sister's twin daughters over the past month. If you have done something like this, or have seen ideas that might be useful, please leave a comment or email me at
I have done some research on the Internet, but I wanted to see what other suggestions are out there.
I want to respect the grief and sorrow that my family is going through now, but I also want the book to celebrate what a blessing these girls were, even for 1 short month and the show the beauty of life in general.
And if you have children, take a moment today to love them extra hard!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Awhile back, I promised to give my opinion on the new Cricut Craft Room program over on
I am sorry that I haven't posted anything on it until now, mostly because I have been using it quite a bit to make sure I can give a thorough review.
In general, I really like the Craft Room so far and I am excited about some of its possibilities in the future. I already have a Gypsy, and I love it too, but I use them in different situations and for different reasons.
Here are some Pros & Cons of the Craft Room as I see it:
--It is FREE!
--As with the Design Studio software and the Gypsy, the Craft Room allows you to weld letters and images together so they cut as one piece. There are still times that you'll want individual letters, but one-piece words make more sense most of the time.
--The Craft Room allows you to create mulitple layers for each project. This is an important feature if you want to shadow welded words or make layered projects like word books. This is also a feature of the Gypsy and the Design Studio.
--You can save projects indefinitely and use them over and over, if you wish. For example, teachers can design name tags once but personalize and cut new ones each year.
--Just like the Gypsy, I love that you can see ALL of the cartridges that Cricut makes and preview ALL of the images on each cartridge. I always tell my students not to judge a cartridge by the back of the box, and to do some research first. The Craft Room is a great way to do your cartridge research before you buy. You can even design projects -- you just can't cut the design until you have the cartridge.
--Unlike the Gypsy, you can borrow a friend's cartridge, design a project on the Craft Room and cut it out on your Cricut. The physical cartridge just needs to be in the machine when you go to cut with the Craft Room.
--The future of the Craft Room is one of its biggest advantages. Cricut has already begun to sell digital versions of its older cartridges, as well as sell digital images that you can only use with the Craft Room. There are already cutable images available for purchase in the Craft Room such as Jewish holidays, the human body,  and 3-D pinwheels. And they seem to add new ones all the time.
Wow, that is a lot of PROS for the Craft Room. Now let's look at some CONS.

--One of the Craft Room's major drawbacks is that it is a computer-based program. If you want to use it, you will need a computer. And if you want to take it to a crop, you will need a portable computer.
--Besides needing a computer, you also will need constant Internet access. That may not seem like a big deal for most people, but large areas of rural America still don't have easy access to the strong broadband Internet required to use the Craft Room.
--If you already have a Gypsy or the Design Studio software, the Craft Room duplicates many of the features that the other two offer. Plus, the Gypsy is portable and doesn't require Internet access. But, as the Craft Room grows in popularity, I doubt that Cricut will continue to support the Design Studio with support and updates.
So, as for my recommendation: if you have a newer computer with Internet access, then I suggest giving the Craft Room a try -- even if you have a Gypsy or Design Studio. It will probably be the future for most Cricut users and you will probably really like it.
For those of you who would like a guided lesson on the Craft Room, stay tuned to my blog as I will be offering classes on it, in my home, in 2012!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Happy December!
Wow, time flies whether you are having fun or not! I am going to blink and Christmas will be here! We have started decorating our house, and we plan to get a real tree from a tree farm this year -- so we are waiting until this weekend to do the tree thing.
I have been able to sneak in some crafting time, including making a cute wooden plaque to hang in my living room.

Plaque made using Tis the Season cartridge
I made this using a $1.99 blank wooden sign from Michaels and my awesome new holiday Cricut cartridge -- Tis the Season from Creative Memories. You can only get it from a CM consultant, but I recommend you find a consultant and get this cartridge. It has phrases, two fonts, snowflakes, etc. Between this and Winter Frolic, I now have a solid holiday die cut collection.
In fact, I will make 5 free cuts from this cartidge, in your choice of colors and with appropriate layers, for the first 3 people to leave a comment after this post. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you. The deadline to enter is Tuesday, Dec. 6, so I can get these in the mail in plenty of time for Christmas.

Monday, November 21, 2011


NOTE: I feel the need to clarify that this was NOT my project,
 but one that I admire from the Cricut Blog. Sorry for any confusion.

I have to be honest -- I am already in the Christmas spirit BIG TIME! And I keep seeing adorable Christmas projects that I really want to make for myself. 
The Cricut blog had the cutest Countdown Calendar project online this morning! Check it out! And if you made it with a cookie sheet, you can use magnets and reuse it for other holidays, too. 
I am not sure that I can get this done for this year, but it is definitely going into the file for the future. 
But if you go ahead and make one, email me a picture and I will post it here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I am full of thankful feelings and thoughts and I wanted to share a little bit of my everyday life with my bloggie readers.
Me and My Ken
My husband, Ken, doesn't like to talked about online. But when you are so blessed to have a person like him in your life, you have to brag once in awhile. He is one of the nicest, kindest and coolest people I have ever met. We met through a mutual friend back in 1994 and have never been apart since. 
We grew up in very, very different families in places that are very, very far apart. I know in my heart that God's plan is the only reason we ever met. He works very hard at a demanding job and someday I hope he can find a job that makes him as happy as he makes me! 

Mackenzie and her artwork
My 11-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, is my first child. She is an interesting mix of my husband and I. She is ultra independent, like I was at her age actually. But she has her dad's sense of humor and introverted personality. She is amazingly artistic -- her photography and artwork amaze me on a daily basis. And she is started to develop a talent for writing -- just like her mama! But at the same time, she is naturally athletic and can throw a football better than many boys.
I am astonished, with the same two parents, that my children are SO different. 

Bob dressed
as his dancing idol
My 9-year-old son, Robert, or Bob for short, is the exact opposite of my daughter. He is extremely outgoing, wears his emotions on his sleeve and wants to be famous someday for dancing or acting. He is a natural comedian -- we have a long list of funny Bob quotes that we call "Bobisms" dating back to when he was a toddler. He also extremely compassionate and never understands why someone would choose to be mean to another person, especially him! 
He also is very in touch with his faith in God and has even expressed an interest in being a Priest. 

I know I don't blog about myself very often. I want this blog to be about my crafting, but I know it helps to enjoy someone's creations when you know more about them. 

By the way, my name is Veronica and I am a craft-a-holic! I live in the central United States and am a dedicated wife and mother. I work lots of part-time jobs -- scrapbook instructor, gift shop manager, freelance writer -- so I can help support my family but still be there to pick up my kids from school everyday. I was a newspaper reporter for 8 years, then stayed home to raise my children. I grew up all over the country, but have lived where I live now longer than anywhere else. 
Ok, enough about me. Tell me about yourself and what you are thankful for!

Friday, November 18, 2011


In case you didn't know, yesterday was Cricut's Hello Thursday -- the day each month they announce new cartridges. There are only two this month, but one of them would be great for new Cricut owners.

Cricut Font and Basic Shapes
This  has a base font and shadow, stretch font and shadow, AND an outline font. And that’s not all! This cartridge includes all kinds of wonderful phrases, basic shapes, and funky shapes. You will love it!

The other cartridge is Snow Day. You can see images of it here.

Cricut also has made more than 250 of their cartridges avaiable for purchase as digital downloads. You pay between $30 and $50 for each download, and you can use the cartridges in the Cricut Craft Room and on your Gypsy. (I will post more about the Cricut Craft Room soon.) What is really nice about the digital carts is that many older and even retired cartridges are now available via the digital download.

Feel free to email me with any Cricut machine or cartridge question at

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


With the holidays coming and lots of crazy things going on in my life, I made some time yesterday to work on my own scrapbooks. 
In my family book, it is still 2009. And since I seem to have lost some pictures that I printed, I am having to jump around a little -- which annoys me to say the least.
Anyway, I made a goal to do six pages this week, and I finished two pages yesterday and I did two over the weekend. 
Here is a quick photos of yesterday's work:

My dad happened to be in town for Bob's birthday that year.

Bob's party at Skate Daze.
It looks pretty simple, but I put a lot of details into it. I used the Cricut Sweet Treats Cartridge for the number 7, and the other die cuts. I used my Gypsy and the Makin' The Grade cartridge for the word blocks. 

Monday, November 7, 2011


If you are looking for ways to whip up some quick Christmas cards, the Card Tricks in a Flash class is for you.
We basically take pre-printed packaged cards, a sheet of dimensional stickers and some ribbon to make 12 cards. 
Please contact me if you'd like to schedule this class at the Michaels store in Bellevue, Nebraska. 
If you live elsewhere in the country, please check with your local Michaels store. 


Michaels' Cricut Off The Page Class
If you have been thinking about digging the Cricut machine out of the closet and using it for holiday cards, gifts or decorations, then I'd love to help you discover all of the amazing things it can do. 
I have both Beginning Cricut and Advanced Layering classes on Saturday, Nov. 19 at the Scrappin Studio scrapbooking store at the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall in Gretna, Nebraska. 
The Beginning class is for both complete newbies and those who have used their machine very little. We start from the very beginning, including unpacking the machine and loading the blade. But we also will cut basic letters and create a small project to take home. This class is for both the original Cricut machine and the Expressions machine. Please bring your machine, a mat and several cartridges. Paper and glue will be supplied. The cost is $15. To sign up, please call the Scrappin Studio at (402) 332-3132
The Advanced Layering class is for the more experience Cricut user. Take your Cricut skills to the next level. Learn how to layer and make the sophisticated die cuts and images you see in pictures. You also will learn to effectively read a cartridge handbook, utilize your paper better and in creative ways to embellish die cuts. You select the two images you want to create and Veronica will walk you through the process of making them. Bring your machine, a cartridge you'd like to explore and a mat. Paper and glue will be supplied. The cost is $18. Again, please call the Scrappin Studio at (402) 332-3132 to sign up.
I also have two Cricut classes at the Michaels store in Bellevue, Nebraska, at Saturday, Nov. 12. 
At 10 a.m., is my Cricut Off the Page class, which will teach and inspire you to use your Cricut machine for more than scrapbooking. We will use the machine to turn an ordinary jar into a decorative candy dish suitable for gift giving, as well as personalize an ornament with self-adhesive vinyl that you cut on the Cricut machine. See the photo above for examples of the projects. You will need the Winter Frolic cartridge or a similar cartridge like Simply Charmed. The cost is $25, plus some additional supplies to purchase. 
Michaels Cricut Card Tricks Class
At 1 p.m., I will be teaching my Cricut Card Tricks class. Again you will need Winter Frolic, Simply Charmed or a similar cartridge. The cost is $25, plus some additional supplies to purchase. 
Then, I have a Cricut 101 class at the Bellevue Michaels on Monday, Nov. 28 at 6:30 p.m. This class is $10 and will cover the basics. This class would be good for anyone who buys a Cricut machine on Thanksgiving weekend. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

HOMEMADE HOLIDAYS -- Reuseable Wish List

Once Halloween was over, I have found myself already in the holiday spirit. I am making all sorts of plans, lists, and dreaming of ways to make this holiday season special.
Throughout the holiday season, I will try to inspire you with the things that inspire me. I will share things I make, as well as cool projects that I find, as well as snipits from my life.
I really think making things for my home, my family and my friends makes me happy. So, I am collecting lots of handmade and homemade ideas for gifts, home decor and more.
I was cruising my blog reading list today and saw this post at Everyday Cricut.
She used the new Cricut cartridge Tis The Season by Creative Memories. I am buying this cartridge next week, and I can't wait to use it. You can find out more about this cartridge here.
I love the idea of having something in the holiday stuff that can be used each year to jot down holiday ideas. You could even add names to the bottom.
Leave me a comment something you have made, are making or plan to make to put a special homemade touch on the holidays. I will pick a few posts each week to win a little handmade holiday goodie from me.
Please help me spread the word!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Attention, Cricut machine fans! There is a new Cricut machine that will soon be available for purchase at retail stores, such as Michaels, and can already be purchased online.
This is the Cricut Expressions II machine.

You can read all about it on the website. But basically, the improvements include a touch screen with increased programability, the ability to also cut from Imagine cartridges, and WiFi capability -- which means you can use it wirelessly with the online Cricut Craft Room program.
These machines will definitely be a hot holiday item. If you want one, I suggest you watch the holiday sales.
I plan to offer classes on these machines in early 2012. Stay tuned!


Just a reminder that the next crop at the Papillion Hy-Vee is next Saturday, November 5 from 3 p.m. to midnight (or later, if you can).
There won't be a crop in December, so I'd like to get as many of us together as we can to celebrate the holidays a little early. I will be taking donations to buy us some holiday treats, from Hy-Vee of course, for us to snack on while we crop the night away.
The next crop at Hy-Vee will be January 21, 2012. For those of you who were at the last crop, or who I spoke to recently, we seem to have resolved the issues with the store and we will continue to scrapbook there once a month into 2012.
Please email me as soon as possible if you'd like to join us next Saturday!


Image Detail

Guess what? We only have 56 days unti Christmas! Yes, I am daring to speak of Christmas before Halloween. But when you are a crafter, you have to think ahead, right?
If you are planning to make your own Christmas cards this year, you'd better get started!
I know everyone has mixed feelings about Christmas cards. Yes, they seem like a lot of work and money for something that many people will throw away. But honestly, I LOVE getting Christmas cards. I never get as many as I'd like to. I love seeing photos of my relatives, my friends and their families. I love hearing what happened to them this year, good and bad.
So, this holiday season, if you send holiday cards -- I challenge you make them.
And really, why not make your own cards? At the very least, all you need is some paper, pens and some stickers. You can make them fancier, of course, but they don't need to be. You could even sit down with your children, or grandchildren, give them pre-cut cards and let their imaginations run wild.
I used to make the photo card online, have them shipped to my house, then address them and send them out. That was until last year, when I did all of that and spent the money -- but never mailed them! They are still sitting in my desk.
If you are a crafter, then it is the process of making something with your hands that makes you tick.
This year, I think I am going to do something that I did a few years ago that was a big hit with my family. I made cards and inserted a piece of 8 1/2 by 11 inch basic copy paper where I had printed some of our year's best photos in a collage format. I got more comments on that simple piece of paper than I ever do on my photo cards.

Simple Shape Card

Circle Punch Card

Silver Flake Card
And feel free to send me one of your handmade cards. I will share the handmade cards that I get here on the blog.
My address is:
Veronica Rosman
6023 Orchard Ave.
Omaha, NE 68117

Monday, October 17, 2011


Just a quick note that the November 5th Crop at the Papillion Hy-Vee will start at 3 p.m. and run until midnight.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Decorating the walls of a home with names, words, quotes and even Bible verses has been a major trend in home decor for several years. Several companies have based the majority of their business on making and selling this style of "wall art." 
But often, the phrases are very common, very expensive or very difficult to apply by yourself. Or, the wall art only comes in a certain size and ends up being much too big, or too small, or the space you have in mind. 
Two weeks ago, a former scrapbooking student of mine called and asked if I could help her make a wall art out of a favorite Irish prayer. She had all the materials, but needed the expertise to make it happen. 
Most of these wall art pieces are made with self-adhesive vinyl. I used my Cricut machine, and Gypsy device, to design, weld and cut the prayer out of vinyl. I then attached transfer tape so the woman could easily take it home and put it on the wall. 
It came out beautifully. I am open to other custom orders like this. Because the woman had all the supplies, I charged her $15. It was about 2 hours worth of work. 
If you want more information, you can email me at

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Until I had kids, fall was never something that I looked forward to. But now, as a parent, there are so many opportunities to make memories with my family. In fact, sometimes there are too many opportunities that I have a hard time remembering them all. 
I found this on a parenting website and thought I'd share...

Let's see how many of these we can check off this year! 


Have you ever found a scrapbook scrapbook company that just seems to fit your personality and design style? I love Best Creation, and this morning I found a link to their new Halloween line. LOVE IT!


Ooohhh... another Link Up Love Party at one of my favorite sites, Getting Cricky
This version is all about Halloween, and I have just created one of my absolute favorite Halloween projects. 
Meet Frank & Frannie...

I made these with the Happy Hauntings cartridge and K&Company Halloween specialty paper pad. And I used Distress Stickles for the first time and now understand how they are different from regular stickles. I am not a huge distress fan, but the technique has its place -- and it worked great for Frannie's dress. 
The Link Up the Love Party is a great way to meet new bloggers and find inspiration from amazing projects! How Fun- why not come share  your blog!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Happy Monday, everyone! 
I spent the weekend at a fantastic 3-day crop in Kearney, Nebraska, which is about 3 hours west of Omaha. I taught a bunch of Cricut classes, and met some amazing people. I hope they will keep in touch. 
When I teach at weekend crops like this, I typically don't bring my own scrapbooking stuff to work on. So, this weekend, I decided to work on making some Halloween decorations for my house. 
I love the Cricut cartridge called Happy Hauntings, but I haven't used it much. So I made a Frankenstein and Mrs. Frankenstein die cut and frames to put them in. The finished product is shown above. I plan to hang them next to the wall clock in my living room. 
The funny part is that I actually made Frank just after midnight on Saturday at the crop. I guess I drank too much pop that evening. But doing that little detail work is my creative release from the world.
The paper I used was a K&Company paper pad that I bought at Michaels and you also can find it at It has awesome prints and great texture. The black swirls on Frank's suit were already on the paper. I added purple distress Stickles to Frannie's dress. 
If you'd like a set of your own, I will take orders and ship them. The cost would be about $20, for the pair and including shipping. They are very, very detailed and took me about two hours just for Frank and his frame alone. But I love them and would love to make them again! 
The crop event I attended was put on by my friend, Patsy Davis, who owns and runs Scrapateers, a scrapbooking retreat business in Nebraska. This was her first visit to Kearney, as she normally hosts crops in Lincoln. 
She has another Lincoln crop coming up Sept. 30 thru Oct. 2, if you need a weekend away. I would normally be there, but I am taking the kids on a vacation to California. The link to her website is
Love ya, Patsy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Just a quick note that the next Hy-Vee crop is on October 15 from 10 a.m. to midnight, or longer if you can stay up that late. 
And if you are a long-term planner, like myself, the November crop is November 15. 
I am taking reservations for both starting now. Just send me an email and let me know how many spots to save and your approximate arrival and departure time. 


I know Halloween seems like a long way away, and that's true in many ways. But, if you want to make Halloween decorations for your home or make elements for a Halloween party, then you'd better get started now! 
I now teach several paper crafting classes at Michaels designed for people who would like to learn how to use their paper crafting skills, and maybe their paper stash, to create some Halloween fun. 
The Tim Holtz Halloween Decor class is designed to introduce Tim Holtz products while crafting a fun and spooky banner to hang in your home.
When I am working in the aisles at Michaels, I get lots of questions about Tim Holtz products. What do they do? How do I use them? Are they just for paper crafting? Basically, many of Tim's products, especially the inks, are designed to give projects a distressed, antiqued look. He is the opposite of bling! And they can be used on so much more than paper. 
Below is a picture of the project for the Tim Holtz Halloween class. 
Tim Holtz Halloween Banner
I am offering the Tim Holtz banner class several times between now and Halloween. The next class is tomorrow, Mon., Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the next offering is Sun., Sept. 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
I teach classes at the Michaels craft store in Bellevue, Nebraska at 15th and Cornhusker Road. 

Monday, August 29, 2011


As most people already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In preparation, Michaels craft stores are offering a special class this fall called Pink Party. The class uses the Me and My Big Ideas Kit just for Breast Cancer Awareness to make a banner, a scrapbook page and at least 3 cards. I am offering this class at least twice in September at the Michaels store in Bellevue, Nebraska. The cost is $25 per person. 

Samples of the Pink Party Class at Michaels.
Pink Party cards
Pink Party scrapbook page

If those dates don't work for you, contact me about using this class as a personal party for yourself or a friend. We can schedule it when it works best or you. 
It may seem a little early to talk about it, but October and the Pink Ribbon campaign took on more meaning for me this year. A good friend of mine, and my favorite hairdresser, died this summer from cancer. Her illness started as breast cancer then spread to her liver. She fought courageously, but it wasn't her fight to win I guess. She left behind a husband and three sons, the youngest of which is not even 5 years old. I know this may sound weird, but I miss her the most when I think about getting my eyebrows waxed. We had many fantastic conversations while she waxed my eyebrows. 
Please take care everyone and do something to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello, everyone! Just wanted to post a note that my kids' school, Holy Ghost Catholic in Omaha, is hosting a craft fair on Saturday, Oct. 29 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tables are still available for rent. I believe the cost is $35. If you are interested, please email me at

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have finally finished scheduling all my classes for September. The dates and times are located on this page, to the right.
If you are looking for more in-depth information on my classes, I have created a new page just for my current class descriptions. 
Here is the link: Class Descriptions Page

I also updated my Gallery with lots of pictures of my past projects. Here is the link to that page: My Gallery

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Just a quick note about a time change for our monthly crop at the Papillion Hy-Vee grocery store on Saturday, August 27. The crop will start at 2:30 p.m., instead of 10 a.m. It will continue until midnight. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Please let me know if you signed up, but now can't make it because of the time change.
Also, the September crop has been moved to Saturday, Sept. 10.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I have some very cool classes coming up this month and next month at Michaels, and I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak. My class schedule is listed here, to the right side of the page. If you don't live near Omaha, please check your local Michaels store to see if they offer these classes yet.
The first class I want to show you is the Cricut Card Tricks class. Right now, we are featuring holiday cards made with the Winter Frolic cartridge. If you own that cartridge, this is your chance to delve into it with a Cricut expert at your side.
The cost to sign up for the class is $25, and we will make at least three cards, based on the ones below:
The cost doesn't include the cartridge or supplies, but you can bring your own supplies from home if you choose. If you don't own that cartridge yet, but are considering buying it -- you also can attend the class and make the cards. You just may have to share the cartridge with another student. 
To sign up, please visit the Michaels store in Bellevue, Nebraska, 15th and Cornhusker Road, and talk to a cashier. You also can email me at and let me know if you will be joining us.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am so excited to finally show off pictures of the project for my newest class at Michaels. The class shows you how to basically turn basic paper bags into a very cool scrapbook/photo album that you can easily decorate for any number of occasions.
I took the All Girl paper pad at Michaels and made my book into a book perfect for a teenage girl. But I have plans to make some for Halloween, teacher's gifts and Christmas presents.
Each book has three "pages" with three small pockets and six larger pockets. I put two double-sided cards in each larger pocket for pictures or journaling.
The class is $25, and all you need to bring are paper bags, paper and adhesive. And buy lots of bags -- trust me, once you make one you will be addicted!
You also can see (and admire) the completed sample in the classroom at the Michaels craft store in Bellevue, NE.
I also am taking orders for custom books, made with any theme you can imagine. The cost will be $15 for each book. Email me if you are interested. Eventually, I will be selling them in my Etsy shop.

Bag album from the front

First two "pages" with pocket in between

Second "page" with pull-out tags for more pictures or journaling

Last "page" with another set of two pull-out cards

A picture to show the full effect

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hello again! I had some extra time today, so I was able to complete a scrapbook page that I had been working on for awhile. Ironically, the page fit perfectly for the Fabulous Friday Challenge going on over the Frosted Designs blog!
Follow the link to enter: Frosted Designs Blog Circle Challenge
Anyway, I did this page mostly to perfect using the Center Point function on my Cricut Expression machine. I knew that you could use it for cutting your pictures into circles, but I had only tried it once or twice. As you can see below, it worked beautifully. I will post a video on using the Center Point function soon!
Here is the page:
This is now probably one of my favorite scrapbook pages.
I used paper from a Me & My Big Ideas specialty cardstock paper pad. It was a busy piece of paper, but I choose colored cardstock (Close to My Heart) to balance the circles and the colors. The arrows are cut from the Boys Will Be Boys Cricut cartridge. 
And if you are curious, I did my title using my Cricut machine and my Gypsy device. I believe the letters are the jumbo feature from Lyrcial Letters. 


I was working the crop night at Michaels last night, and the topic of favorite blogs and websites came up. One of my croppers is a stay-at-home mom with three kids so I shared one of my favorite mommy websites. 
Then, I got to thinking, even though this is blog about scrapbooking, why not share some of my other life as well? I won't do it too often, but I have lots of knowledge about lots of things that I want to share. And I am ready to let my readers get to know the whole me -- not just the crafty side.
So, if you see an OT in the post heading that means the topic is about something other than scrapbooking or paper crafting, OK?
I was a stay-at-home mom until my kids went to school and then I picked up a few part-time jobs. But money is still tight for us. So I try to be frugal with my spending. It is isn't easy; I find it takes a lot of time, research and inspiration. It doesn't come naturally for me. I'd rather just buy it at the store and be done with it. Anyway, I look to blogs and websites for the inspiration, ideas and reasoning to cut costs.
My favorite mommy blog is Econobusters at The lady that runs it is amazing at saving money while still providing a rewarding, enjoyable and faith-filled life for her family. I love her daily posts as well as her Friday Freebies where she alerts people to free trials, free programs and other things she finds interesting. She is where I found out about a FREE summer camp being held at the Apple computer stores that teaches kids how to make movies. I signed my kids up, but they ended up going out of town instead. Still, a great deal that I only found out from the lady at Econobusters!
Here's two more that I rely on a lot!
1. The Hillbilly Housewife -- Lots of really good frugal cooking tips and recipes.
2. Favecrafts -- Great for crafty how-tos and tips.
3. We Are That Family -- Great ideas and inspiration.
4. The Household Planner -- My new favorite for printable forms and stuff.

If you know of a blog that helps you be a better mommy, crafter, etc., please leave it in a comment on here. We all need to look out for each other in these tough economic times!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Frosted Designs

Ever since I started my blog, I've dreamed of the day when one of my projects would be featured on someone else's blog. Today is the day! 
I am today's guest designer on the Frosted Designs blog for its Fabulous Friday challenge. This week's challenge was using buttons. I have to be honest...this challenge was a challenge for me. I don't use many buttons in my scrapbooks, cards, etc., unless I am told to use buttons. In fact, for this challenge I had to go buy buttons at my local craft store. 
Then, I struggled to decide what to make. They didn't give many instructions beyond using buttons. I actually did several projects until I found the one I really liked. 
Here is the winner...

Adorable ice cream cone-shaped card.

Side view of the card. 
Close up of buttons and title.
The back of the card with my signature stamp. 

To make this card, I used my Cricut Gypsy and my Simply Charmed cartridge. I selected the ice cream cone image, made a copy and used the flip function to flip it sideways. Then, I welded the two cones together to make a shaped card. 
I also used the layers feature on the Gypsy to make the various details of the ice cream cone and make sure they fit the base properly. 
Here is a video tutorial on how I made this card:

Now I said earlier that I did several button projects before I found my favorite one. First, I did a Fourth of July artwork that I framed and hung in my hallway. It was fun to make, but it didn't seem to feature the buttons enough.

Fourth of July hallway artwork.
Then, I did a baby card using buttons. I liked it, but something seemed odd about it. Ironically, the next day my sister called to say she was pregnant with twins. 

Oh Baby! I found out that my sister was pregnant with twins the next day after I made this card.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. But I need a big favor -- can you please come back tomorrow, Friday, July 22? I have some awesome news and a very cool project, as well as some of my August class offerings that I will post tomorrow. 
Until then...

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have a winner for my 120 Follower Cricut Wish List Giveaway! She didn't leave her name but she was poster number 18 (picked by a random number generator). Here is the post she left:

Anonymous said...
I would like to have (hope Imagine carts are ok to list)
1) Ornamental Iron 2
2) Lori's Garden
3) Teresa Collin's Cricut Imagine Art
4) Flower Shoppe
5)Mother's Day Bouquet
Just a tad flower obsessed! Thanks for the chance to win! 

cjdempsey9, I definitely have to agree with Ornamental Iron 2. Flowers aren't my "thang" but I know lots of people love to use flowers die cuts for everything from birthdays to sympathy cards. And flowers can make a quick birthday card when you need one last minute. 
Anyway, I haven't decided which cartridge I am going to pick for cjdempsey9 yet. I am leaning toward Mother's Day Bouquet because I love the variety of flowers on there. But I am going to leave it a surprise until cjdempsey9 receives it. 

Thanks again, everyone, for entering my contest and helping me boost my followers! I now have some new blogs to follow, too. Stay tuned, I have some awesome projects coming soon and I am planning to make some more tutorials for you as well. 

Friday, July 8, 2011


Awesome news! I just passed 120 followers. I went from 107 to 120 in just a few hours. Thanks so much, everyone. 
I am going to pick the winner tomorrow, just in case I have a few more entries yet tonight. I will post the winner tomorrow morning before 10 a.m. CDT. 


I hope everyone is having a fun, but safe, summer so far.
We had a great July 4th, including propably one of my favorite July 4th memories EVER! We went to local minor league baseball game that featured fireworks afterward. We got to go on the field and it seemed like the show was just for us! And for once, I put down the camera and just watched the show. I had both kids with me, there was a cool breeze and the fireworks were planned with some great American music. I may not have any photos or videos of it, but I will always remember it.
Anyway, I wanted to mention a few updates on my creations and classes:
  • Starting in August, I will be teaching private Cricut classes at a new Omaha-area location. The classes will be located at Scrappin' Studio, located at the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall in Gretna, Nebraska. There have been several scrapbook stores at the outlet mall, but this one is completely seperate from the previous stores. And it is a real store, with an amazing selection of paper, stickers and other scrapbooking supplies. It also has some scrapbook goodies you haven't seen in awhile. The store is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the owner, Barb, also runs a huge Crop Room with crops on the weekends as well. My first classes will be Sat., Aug. 13. The schedule for classes is listed here on my blog to the right-hand side. Check out her website at
  • I am still teaching at the Michaels store in Bellevue, but I teach more than just Cricut classes. I also teach basic scrapbooking, a glitter technique class and now a fantastic class on using your scrapbook supply stash for events such as parties, including invitations, decorations and more. It is called Happy Birthday America at the store, but I am revamping it to feature all birthday parties. The cost is $25 for the class, but you can just bring a good selection of your paper and other embellishments from home and I will show you how to make rosettes, pinwheels and more. The next class is Wed., July 20 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I am so excited to show you my latest project. It is a July 4th banner that I made using paper folded into rosettes and glued onto triangles. 

This project is based on a class that I am now teaching at Michaels where students learn how to make elements for parties out of scrapbook supplies. We do a two-page layout, an invitation and the banner. 

I decided to take it over to my in-laws house, where we will be celebrating the holiday, and hung it in their entryway. 

I glittered the edges by rolling the rosette in glue, then rolling it in a mix of red, white and blue glitter.  It looks much cooler in person! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Have you heard about the Cricut 360 blog? Probably not, as it doesn't launch until July 1. But you can get a sneak peak and enter to win a Cricut cartridge if you visit now. Here's the link:
Cricut 360

Cricut 360ยบ is a challenge blog for crafty people all over the world who love using the Cricut die cut machine by Provo Craft to make cards and to scrapbook. Every week, starting July 1st, we will have challenges using the Cricut. Challenge will be posted every Friday, and you will have until Wednesday at midnight to add your creation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I just posted my class and event schedule for July. 
I have reserved Wednesday nights to teach at the Bellevue Michaels store. But if no one signs up for the scheduled class, I will be available to teach other subjects. Just let me know what you'd like to learn. 
There are two classes that need a big of description, so here is more about the layout class and the card class at Michaels:

Wed., June 15 – Page Layout Class, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Bellevue Michaels, $25
Using a page sketch allows scrapbookers to create beautiful pages without the stress of designing it yourself. You don’t have to think – just count, measure and glue. The class project features a page layout and two complementary cards. We will have a new page sketch every 2 months. Cost is $25.

Wed., June 22 – Card Tricks, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Bellevue Michaels, $25
Learn four stamping techniques, and make a set of five cards using just one stamp set. Cost is $25.

My advanced Cricut and advanced Gypsy classes aren't on the schedule right now, but just email me and we can set something up. 
I also am investigating how I can do long-distance Cricut classes over the Internet using my webcam. If you have any suggestions, please email me. 

Welcome to the I Teach Scraps Blog!

Hello! I am excited to have my own blog site. This is way cool. I plan to use this site to promote my scrapbook instruction business, as well as pass on lots of scrapbooking tips and ideas to my family, friends and clients, both past and present. I'll also through a little of my personal life in for fun.Feel free to comment, ask questions, email me, ask me to post pictures of your projects, etc. Just let me know how I can help!