Friday, April 15, 2011


When I first started teaching at Michaels more than four years ago, I taught all scrapbooking classes -- not just Cricut. Now an opportunity has presented itself so I can teach regular scrapbooking classes again, in addition to my Cricut classes.
I am in the process of becoming an SDU instructor at Michaels. SDU stands for Scrapbook Design & You, and this is the program currently being taught in most, if not all, Michaels stores and some other stores as well. It is a four-week program that starts new each month. It teaches the why, as well as the how, of scrapbooking. It gives each student a foundation to develop their own scrapbooking style.
I started the training sessions yesterday. I hope to have it all done and start offering scrapbooking classes at the Bellevue Michaels store in May. So, if you are in Omaha and want to learn the basics of scrapbooking, then I am your girl!

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