Friday, April 15, 2011


As you can imagine, I get lots of questions about my favorite scrapbooking supplies, blogs, shopping websites, brands, etc. So, I decided to post some of my recent favorites here:
My favorite Scrapbooking Website is an easy answer --
I love this site for many reasons. I love how they have a section in their store just for new merchandise coming out. I am a sucker for new stuff. Today, I went on their to see what new paper is coming out. I went to the Superstore tab and then to the New Arrival section. Since the Fourth of July is one of my favorite topics to scrapbook, I immediately loved this new paper from Karen Foster:

They have great prices and cheap shipping -- I can even create a holiday wish list and email it to my dad.
One of my favorite features is their resources section. They have a vast library of poems, titles and page ideas categorized and easy to navigate. For example, when I had a space to fill on a layout I was doing on bubbles, I went to's resources section. I went to the poem directory and typed in "bubbles." This is what I found (and used on my page):

Bubbles, bubbles
Floating in the breeze
Upward, upward
Above the house and trees.
I wish that I were tiny;
I wish that I were small,
Small enough to fit inside
that shiny ball.

They also have a section for quotes. Have you ever had part of a quote in your head and wanted to use it on a page, but couldn't remember the whole thing? Chances are good that will have it. But other scrapbookers are also welcome to submit their own poems, titles, etc.
And by the way, no I didn't get paid or compensated by the website for this testimony. I just really enjoy their site and think you will, too.

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