Friday, June 17, 2011


TO CLARIFY -- You don't need to be a new follower to enter the giveaway. You will just need to wait for a winner until I reach 120 followers!
With all of the new cartridges announced over the past two weeks, I decided to go back an create a list of the cartridges that I really, really want. But in doing that, I noticed that my wish list is influenced greatly by the seasons, and the projects that I am working on.
So, this is the list as of June 17, 2011... (Clicking on each title will take you to see the cartridge on

1. Summer Celebrations -- I am getting geared up for July 4th right now, and I am excited about several of the images on this cartridge. I also like the more sophisicated cuts and it even has phrases. This is definitely tops on my list!
2. Ornamental Iron 2
3. Love Ya Latte 
4. Everyday Pop Cards
5. Baby Steps
6. All Sports
7. Boys Will Be Boys
8. Pack Your Bags
9. Best of Pixar
10. Lite Beep Beep
11. Old West

I want to hear what cartridges are on your wish list. And did you notice how close I am to 100 followers? So, here's the deal -- post your Top Five Cricut Wish List in the comment section. Be sure to post why you want each cartridge, as well as your name and email.
When I reach 120 followers, I will pick one poster to win a cartridge on their wish list -- but I get to pick the cartridge! 
And feel free to pass this great giveaway around! 


  1. Top 5 Cricut cartridge wishlist
    1. Elegant Edges - Some of the Cuts remind me of nestabilities and other fancy borders for cards and layouts.
    2. Summer Celebrations - Love the versatility going on with this summer/holiday cart
    3. Ornamental Iron 2 - Love the detailed works - reminds me of filigree
    4. Cricut American Alphabet (whenever it is finally available) Love that is has fonts and images
    5. County Fair (also when it finally becomes available) I have photos from our yearly county fairs and thinks this would work great!
    Name - Amber Coon
    email address is

  2. My cricut wishlist:
    1. Elegant Edges-love the cuts fancy cuts. I don't have a cuttlebug or bigshot to get nestabilities
    2.Summer Celebrations-Love all the images on it
    3.New Arrival-Need a great baby cart
    4.Kate ABC-Again, need a great baby cart
    5.Alphalicious (I know is old, but I really love that font)

  3. The ones I would love to have are
    1. Kates ABC's--- I love the pics
    2. Elegant edges-- Ilove all the wonderful cuts it has
    3. 3 birds on parade-- I love making cutsie cards
    4. Give a hoot-- I love all the owls
    5. Evertday paper dolls-- Lots of great ideas for this one

    Thanks for the chance eto win:)
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  4. My Wish List
    1.Forever Young - I have 2 daughters( need I say anymore)
    2.Happy Haunting - My favorite holiday ( can not explain why I don't have it )
    3.Paisley - Just too cute
    4. From My Kitchen ( want to scrap my oldest daughter a cookbook)
    5.Lite Cupcake Wrappers Cartridge - I love to bake !!

    Kelli Dillman

  5. My wish list

    1. Traveler Creative Memories cartridge-has abcs and great variety of graphics
    2. Lite Handy Man-always working on the house
    3. Lite Sweet shop-able to enjoy all the treats but none of the calories
    4. Rock Princess-to live vicariously through my cartridge
    5. Mini Monster-great addition for Halloween

    Vicky M

  6. Great blog and awesome giveaway!!! Thanks :)
    My wish list....even thought I just ordered one that would be on this list....
    1. Going Places~great for the traveling we do whether it's vacation or day trips
    2. Ornamental Iron I or II~love the backgrounds I could make w/this cart
    3. Elegant Edges~well, great edges, great shapes
    4. Lite Bloom~love the flowers and words on this one
    5. Winter Woodland~love the trees on this cart!

  7. 3 Birds-Life's a Party I like that it creates 3-D items. I especially like the cupcake wrapper feature since I love to make cupcakes

    Boys will be Boys because I have a gazillion pictures of my grandson and I can see using this cart all the time for his pictures

    Playtime lite because it has great images to use for kids and their play time activities

    Cricut Lite 9 months because I have tons of pictures of my daughter when she was pregnant and with another getting married you never know when it will come in handy again...

    Cricut Lite Four legged Friends Cart because I have furbabies and just recently lost my oldest one who I want to scrap

    Thanks for the opportunity to tell you which cartridges I love and for joining your blog.


  8. It was hard to pick only 5. lol
    1. Teresa Collins Sophisticated ... LOVE it, My daughter is so girly that this cart would be perfect for any LO for her.
    2. Kates ABCs ... not new but my top 5 for sure for all the sweet girl cuts.
    3.Nates ABCs ... again not new but oh so adorable and perfect for my darling nephews that spend Summers at our house.
    4. Ornamental Iron 2 ... WOW, the super gorgeous oh so delicate cuts are just FABULOUS!Talk about some super amazing pages this cart would inspire!
    5. Traveler ... My daughter is volunteering at a special needs camp this summer (CAMP Camp) and I think all the cute Summer cuts would be super cute in her journal of the events at camp. And the font is just too cute.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win. I found your link in a cafemom scrap group. :-) Hugs, Christine

  9. This was tough to come up with only 5 but here they are:
    1) Elegant Edges - I love all the shapes and they would make awesome mini album pages!
    2) Sophisticated - What lovely images!
    3) Heritage - I'm currently working on a heritage mini album and this would be awesome to have.
    Thanks for doing this!
    4) Traveler - DH and I love to travel and I'm always working on a travel album!
    5) Groovy Times - I love the throwback images!
    This is an awesome giveaway! Only 19 more to go!

  10. Wow, not sure I can pick just 5 but we'll give it a try :)
    1)Love Ya Latte: Nuf said! It just has super cute
    images and I'll be able to use it for so many cards and layouts.
    2)Ornamental Iron 2. The intricate cuts are so delicate and will give any project that extra interests.
    3)Teresa Collins, Oh My Gosh, LOVE all the images on her cartridges. So versatile and elegant.
    4)Camping Critters. We love to camp and I have so many pictures yet to scrapbook. We also have lots of friends that camp and I love to share my cartridges.
    5)Elegant Edges. Love the papers I could create with this in any color that I need. So many beautiful edges.
    Wow, I'm at 5 already. THanks for the chance to win. Congrats on all your followers.
    Dana Taft -

  11. Pick 5? That's really hard! But here goes....
    1) Elegant Edges ... Great for cardmaking
    2) Phrases ... I just love phrases!
    3) Paper Lace 2 ... Love the phrases as well as the designs will be great for cards!
    4) Kates ABCs ... So many designs I'd use over and over again
    5) Lit Cherry Limeade ... Just love the font!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Laurie --

  12. Only 5.....hmmm....
    1. Teardrop - great font cartridge for both formal and informal layouts.
    2. Ashlyn's Alphabet - for the same reason. A girl can't have too many fonts can she?
    3. Animal Kingdom - we go to the Iowa State Fair every year, and this would be a great cart for those LOs.
    4. Everyday Paper Dolls - I have Paper Doll Dress up which is great for holiday/kid LOs, but this would be good for almost any LO.
    5. Baby Steps - I have NO carts featuring babies. My 4 boys are nearly grown, so hoping for grandkids someday. I also work with several young women who are just starting their families, and this would be a good cart for cards/gift bags for them.
    Mary Grieder

  13. This is tough!! I do have to mention that I haven't seen create a critter on anyones list and it is by far my favorite cartridge right now!!
    Ok...if I can only pick no particular order!
    1. Everyday Pop-up Cards...would love to try some popup cards. This looks fun!
    2. Just Because Cards...again love making cards.
    3. Elegant Edges...I think this could make some pretty cards.
    4. Cupcake Wrappers Lite...I love cupcakes!
    5. Martha Stewart Birthday Cakes...I dont have the cake, but have seen some really cute stuff done with this on paper for parties.

  14. Carrie Davis-SedlacekJuly 7, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    Whew! This was not as easy as I thought it would be!!

    1. Stand and Salute - I'm getting ready to make a mini-scrapbook for my dad of a trip we took together and I'm going to use an Americana theme. Can't wait to get started on it!

    2. Once Upon a Princess - I have a 5yr old daughter who is ALL about princesses so this cart would get a lot of use!

    3. Zooballoo - This cart looks like so much fun and would be great for all the baby pages I still have to do!

    4. Create A Critter - I borrowed this from a friend recently and the kids and I had so much fun with it!

    5. Carousel (Lite) - We love the circus and amusment parks so I have plenty of pages to use this one for!

    Thanks for doing this! Good luck on 120...getting closer!


  15. Oh WOW, this is very sweet of you. On my list are:
    1. Love you a Latte
    2. Sweet Shop
    3. Fancy Frames
    4. Sophisticated
    5. Ornamental Iron 2

  16. This is such a great idea!

    My wishlist is:

    Recess Lite
    Elegant Edges
    Love Ya Latter Lite
    Bump in the Night Lite
    Beep Beep Lite
    9 Months Lite

  17. I forgot to add contact info dmcarlisle09atgmaildotcom

  18. I would like to have (hope Imagine carts are ok to list)
    1) Ornamental Iron 2
    2) Lori's Garden
    3) Teresa Collin's Cricut Imagine Art
    4) Flower Shoppe
    5)Mother's Day Bouquet
    Just a tad flower obsessed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Thanks for the chance at this. my top 5 wish list is

    1.Wild Life (lite)- There are so many cute animals and They would be great for the fronts of just think of you cards for my military friends when they are deployed

    2. Four Legged Friends- I love the animals

    3.Quarter note- So prefect for scraping all those concert photos.

    4. Freshley picked- One word GNOMES!!

    5.Simply Charmed- There is a lot of stuff on here and would be great for fun cards for my military friends when i need something funny/cute to make them smile.

    Thanks for the chance this is a great idea.


  20. Thanks for the chance to win!

    My top 5 carts I want is.

    1. Teresa Collins Cricut Cart (sophisticated)
    2. Ornamental Iron 2
    3. Fancy Frames
    4. 9 months (lite)
    5. once Upon a princess.


  21. 1. Kate's ABCs
    2. Nate's ABCs
    3. Flower Shoppe
    4. Mother's Day Bouquet
    5. CM Traveler

    That is a very hard one...there are still so many that I love that have just come out! Trying to become your follower but Blogger is acting up again! I am going to bookmark and come back and try again!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. What a fun Question! Wll I have a few and I agree, it's ever changing, lol, but right at the moment is:
    1. Country Fair: We just had our Fair and I won 4 blue ribbons for my Scrapbook layouts and my Son (he's 10) won 2 Blue ribbons for pottery and they are going to the State Fair, Woo Hoo, he was sooooo excited (and so was I)!
    2. Kate's ABC's Cute Cute Cute and girly!
    3. Nate's ABC's Cute Cute Cute and for boys!
    4. Ornamental Iron 2, loved the first one so gotta get #2!
    5. Sweet Shoppe: Love the little house boxes, I have some really cute Ideas for those houses, lol!
    Like I said before, Thank You so much for such a fun question, I know we didn't need to follow but I like that your a teacher and if you do any toutorial I'm always game for learning something new! Thanks again I think I'm 115 so you should be there soon!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa
    mccadesmom at gmail dot com
    I'm having issues with blogger and posting so I had to do it under anonymous sorry, I'm not Spam, lol!

  23. What a great giveaway!

    My wishlist:
    1. Teresa Collins Sophisticated
    2. CM Traveler
    3. Phrases
    4. Martha Stewart All Occasions
    5. Summer Celebrations

    I am a new follower of your blog.

    amanbains1 at gmail dot com

  24. My wish list also changes as I work on projects but I am so easily influenced by bloggers and the great projects they create. I would love to have:
    1) Creative Memories Traveler
    2) Ornamental Iron 2
    3) Summer Celebrations
    4) County Fair
    5) Autumn Celebrations (I believe that is what it's called)

    I am also a new follower, congrats on all of your followers. It is so inspiring to see all of your followers as a new blogger.

    scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

  25. Yay! I'm follower 120 :-) How cool :-)

    My wish list

    1. The new Theresa Collins cricut cartridge (love her style)
    2. County Fair (Such a cute cartridge)
    3. Flower Shoppe (I Have been wanting to try to make all the flowers everyone has been making lately)
    4. Cricut Lite 9 mos (LOVE baby stuff)
    5. Camping Critters (I have been eyeing this one for quite awhile)

    TFS!!! Congrat's on all the followers, I'm excited to have found a new blog to follow :-)

    -Sam :-)

    SamanthaJDesigns @

  26. Looks like I'm follower #121 - I hope I'm not too late to enter! What a clever idea for a giveaway - and very generous!
    My wishlist includes Simply Charmed, Birthday Bash,
    Elegant Edges, Celebrate With a Flourish (Lite), and Quarter Note.

  27. Newbie here! Top 5 favs, huh? Well, first is Ornamental Iron 2, then Everyday Pop Cards, All Sports, Elegant Edges, and Flower Shop. I really love all the cricut carts. There isn't a bad one in the bunch!

  28. MY top 5 would be:
    Nifty Fifties,
    Boys will be boys,
    Best of Pixar
    Everyday Pop Up Cards
    and Love you Latte
    Thanks for the chance to win and I am looking forward to following your blog.

    Later Tater,

  29. 1. Boys will be boys...I have 5 boys (that should say it all lol)

    2. Best of Pixar: We are Disney vacation club members and I have lots of pics with these characters from past visit.

    3. Classic Disney: see above

    4.flower shop: I like to make my own flowers for layouts.

    5.Picturesque: I love the possibilities.

  30. Campin Critter= we are very outdoors people so I have a lot of outdoor photos to scrap

    Everyday pop up cards= I love to make cards

    Flower shop= Flowers make beautiful accents on everything

    Rock Princess= I have to very rock princess girls

    Simply Charmed= Just a cute cart to have:)

    Thanks for the chance to win:)



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