Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Decorating the walls of a home with names, words, quotes and even Bible verses has been a major trend in home decor for several years. Several companies have based the majority of their business on making and selling this style of "wall art." 
But often, the phrases are very common, very expensive or very difficult to apply by yourself. Or, the wall art only comes in a certain size and ends up being much too big, or too small, or the space you have in mind. 
Two weeks ago, a former scrapbooking student of mine called and asked if I could help her make a wall art out of a favorite Irish prayer. She had all the materials, but needed the expertise to make it happen. 
Most of these wall art pieces are made with self-adhesive vinyl. I used my Cricut machine, and Gypsy device, to design, weld and cut the prayer out of vinyl. I then attached transfer tape so the woman could easily take it home and put it on the wall. 
It came out beautifully. I am open to other custom orders like this. Because the woman had all the supplies, I charged her $15. It was about 2 hours worth of work. 
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  1. It's beautiful! Will have to think about this - what a great idea!!! -Suzanne (Kearney)


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