Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sometimes when I am teaching a Cricut class, a student will ask me a question that I don't have a quick answer for. But then it becomes a challenge and I have to figure out the answer.
That was the case this weekend, when a student asked me if the Fit to Length button on her Cricut Expressions machine would work with words, not just images. Quickly, the Fit to Length button allows you to choose the length of an image, and the machine figures out the proper height. 
I suspected that it might work, but I had never tried it. So, I grabbed a piece of scrap paper and tested my theory. Sure enough, it worked and I learned a new trick -- and you all get to learn it too, just because of one inquisitive student.
So, if you type in a word, or even several words, you can tell the machine to make the entire phrase a certain length and it will calculate how tall the words need to be in order to fit that length.
For example, if I type in Spring Has Sprung and, with the Fit to Length on, I can tell the machine that I want that phrase to be 4 inches long. The machine will then do the math for me and determine how tall the letters should be to fit in a 4-inch space. 
This is great time saver if you already have your title space planned on your scrapbook page. That way, you don't waste time and paper trying to find out how big to make the words.
I will try to make a video, or post a few photos, later on so you visual learners can understand it, too! 
By the way, thanks to Patsy at Scrapateers for having me down to teach at her crop retreat in Lincoln again. I always meet the best people there! She will have another crop in Lincoln in September. Stay tuned!


  1. I took your valentine class...what is the name of the cartridge that you used for the "postage stamp" card? Also, I don't have a USB cord for my cricut...any suggestions?

  2. Hello Kathie!
    Here is the link to the Cricut.com page where you can buy one, but they are out of stock right now.
    That also shows you what it looks like. I did some checking and some websites said it is called an A to B USB cable that you can find at office stores. I found several online. By buying them at an office store, you can get much longer ones than through Cricut.com.

  3. Oh, and the Cricut cartridge you asked about was Spring Holiday Cards


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