Sunday, February 5, 2012


With so many options in scrapbooking these days, sometimes I am surprised I ever get a page done! Today was one of those days. I loved my basic page, but getting the title just right was frustrating me. 
So, I am asking for your input. Picture #1 is the whole page. It is the same in all the pictures. It is the title, "Vala's" in the bottom left-hand corner that I couldn't decide what looked best.
I tried it several ways: one with just a cream title -- that is picture 2. 
Then, I used the cream title as a mask and applied Blue Smooch Spritz for a contrasting negative look. That's picture 3.
Picture 4  is the cream titled now covered in Blue Smooch Spritz. 
Leave a comment with your favorite option. I will pick a winner from the comments by next Sunday, Feb. 12, to receive a little surprise prize pack  from me! 
And then I will post the winning option and the option that I finally used. 
Thanks for helping me with this project! 

Picture 1 -- The whole page

Picture 2 -- Cream title

Picture 3 -- Blue Smooch spray negative

Picture 4 -- Blue Smooch spray by itself


  1. I like picture #4, that is my opinion:)

  2. I like picture #3 best.

    vwilson577 at

  3. Number 3. I like both the negative and the torn edges.

  4. Great LO, I like picture 4 with the Smooch Spray by itself!!

  5. I'd go with the creme title (picture 2) :c)

  6. I like picture 3.

  7. I don't see much blue in the lay out, so I would go w the cream in pic 2. sometimes white is just too white.

  8. I really like the cream title. It just seems to go better with the whole layout. I don't see any other blue paper or accents in the layout to make the blue title blend. But everyone has to do what looks good to them. Thanks for sharing your layout. papermemories4u@

  9. I like the cream one!

  10. I like #2 best. I like how the cream Vala's matches the cream edges on the torn paper.


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