Thursday, October 25, 2012

QUICK NOTES -- Chalkboard Vinyl and No More Imagine

I don't have any projects to share with you today, but I do have interesting pieces of news for you.
First of all, the cool stuff. I saw yesterday on that is now selling several new versions of cuttable vinyl for the Cricut machines. One is a chalkboard vinyl and the other is dry erase. Here is the link to them on
The possibilites for both of these are endless. Use them to label drawers or jars, make door hangers for kids' rooms or even calendars in kitchens.
The version is a 12x24 sheet for 12.99 and it comes with transfer tape. Other companies online also sell cuttable chalkboard vinyl -- I saw one website that had a 12x24 sheet for 3.59, plus shipping. I would just search online for cuttable chalkboard or dry erase vinyl. You will find lots of them.
Okay, so the other news I saw could be a bit disappointing for some people. Cricut announced this week, rather quietly I might add, that it will no longer be making the Cricut Imagine and Cricut Cake machines. Read the announcement here.
The end of the Imagine machine had been a rumor for some time. They just didn't take off like Provo Craft imagined -- pun intended. Now, the announcement did say they would continue to support the machines they sold with inks and content. It has been quite awhile since Cricut put out any new Imagine cartridges. But the FAQ in the announcement said they would be offering new content in the future. My guess is that it will be digital content through the Cricut Craft Room -- but they might surprise me.
My advice is that if you already have Imagine machine, hit the stores and you will probably find cartridges on clearance. If you have wanted an Imagine machine, but haven't bought one yet, this might be your chance.

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