Wednesday, February 13, 2013


One of the main reasons that people finally decide to buy a Cricut machine is for making scrapbook page titles. They usually get fed up with sticker letters, such as running out of enough letter e, and think that cutting letters on the Cricut would be so much easier. 
Well, that is true -- to a point. Cutting and gluing individual letters gets tedious, very fast. Learning to use the phrases and other elements already included in the Cricut cartridges is important in getting the most out of your Cricut machine and accessories. 
That is why I decided to design a class to showcase and teach some techniques with using titles. 
I won't show you everything about the class, but I will give you a sneak peak. 
One of the things I wanted to teach is how colors and certain embellishment techniques can change the look of a title. 

I used the same title from Graphically Speaking but did it several different ways. The first one was cut in kraft paper and inked lightly around the edges. 

Then I did the same look, but used the Cricut marker to draw the image first, then cut it out. That leaves a light outline that makes it stand out from the ivory paper. 

Lastly, I cut pieces in black. It was very easy but had a crisp look. This would be great for photos with bright colors. 

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