Tuesday, August 6, 2013


With my busy schedule right now, I rarely get time to just sit and play with new scrapbook tools -- even new Cricut cartridges. 
So Sunday, while babysitting a friend's scrapbook store while she was on vacation, I actually got time to explore Cricut's new cartridge, "When I Was a Kid." 
This "When I Was a Kid" cartridge is a new type of cartridge that Cricut has designed for actually making scrapbook pages and layouts. They include titles, doodads, borders and other accessories to create whole pages. The layouts are pretty simple, and most are for 1 or 2 pictures. But the sketch ideas are basic enough that I could take pieces from one and match it to pieces from another sketch to make my own pages. The titles alone are worth the cartridges, plus it has a full font. 
Below is a Back To School page that I left for my friend that owns the store to display. I used 1 pattern paper and four solid colors -- that's it. 

There is another cartridge like this called "The First Few Years".
The trick to using these cartridges is seeing beyond the horrible colors that they use in the handbook to build a page. I know they have their reasons -- probably something to do with printing issues. But it can be hard to envision how to use a cartridge like this when the handbook has this for an example: LINK.

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