Thursday, January 15, 2015


This past Sunday, I taught a Beginner Cricut class. I used to say that I could teach this class in my sleep, but I haven't taught this class in awhile and I will admit that I was a bit rusty.
Enter an 11-year-old named Maddie. She was taking the class with her mom, and was playing around with the Ornamental Iron 2 cartridge.
Now, this cartridge is not my style and I have never used it. I pretty much just wrote it off because I think of Cricut die cuts as titles or small accessories to a page. I never thought about using these images as frames or even -- gasp -- page backgrounds!
Well, Maddie changed my mind about how I look at Cricut images.
Here is a sampling of the Ornamental Iron 2 images:

Maddie decided to cut one of these images at 4 inches and creates this cute die cut:

So, if you cut one of the images with a space in the middle at 6 inches, you can get a picture frame. And if you cut it at 11 inches, you get a page background like the one that Maddie's mom, Jenny, did:
And it is even easier if you use the Fit to Page feature on the Cricut Expressions machines. All you do is press the button and the machine will calculate how big to make an image to fit in the paper size you give it, say 12x12.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! 
I know most people are putting the finishing touches on their Christmas -- wrapping presents, baking goodies and visiting loved ones. 
Not me. Well, I do have some presents to wrap. But I am feverishly working on thank you cards for the many baby gifts I received for the birth of my daughter, Rachel, in November.
My husband has been pushing me like crazy to get these cards done. Of course, I couldn't just buy basic thank you cards and call it good. But I did cheat -- a little. 
I bought some cute basic blank note cards at Wal-Mart, pictured below. The pink color was a bit odd to match, so I stayed away from using any pink paper to embellish them. 

I also bought a pack of these wonderful Sticko stickers of pink baby hand and foot prints. 

Then I broke out my well-used but beloved square punch and some ivory-colored scrap paper to make squares and highlight the hand and foot prints.

Then I printed some sentiments that said Thanks For The Baby Gift. I actually used my Silhouette software to print these so I could make sure they would fit in the 2-inch squares.

And with some inking around the edges and some glue, here is the finished project:

Thursday, December 18, 2014


There is just 1 week until Christmas and I stumbled on a great gift this week at the Silhouette Design Store -- free designs for us to download all week as part of their 12 Days of Christmas Campaign.

The wreath to the left is just one of the free files they put out this week. And you can download the previous days' files as well.
Here is a link to directions on finding free designs on the Silhouette Design Store from one of my favorite blogs for creating with the Silhouette: Silhouette School.
Another great place to find daily free Silhouette files is Miss Kate Cuttables, but you will need to upgrade to the Designer Edition of the Silhouette software to use these files as they are .svg. I will talk more about the Designer Edition another time but I completely believe it is worth the money to upgrade.
So, are you ready for Christmas? Are you doing any crafting in the next week?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


After taking a quick break to have a baby in November, I am ready to start teaching classes again in 2015. (I will post about her another time).
I have scheduled a Cricut 101 and a Silhouette 101 in January followed by an Advanced Cricut: Layering in February. I also plan to add another Silhouette class in February.
I also am teaching a Beginner Scrapbooking class in January.
I have posted class descriptions below, and the basic details are listed on this blog to the right of this post. All classes are taught in person at The Scrappin Studio in Gretna, Nebraska.

Sun., Jan. 11 – Cricut 101, 1p.m., $15
Learn to use your new Cricut machine properly, effectively and creatively – right from the start. We will cover everything from setting up the machine to cutting basic images, as well as lots of tips and techniques. This class is designed for the original Cricut machine or the first Expressions machine. The Expressions 2 machine and the Explore are taught in separate classes. Bring your machine, if you have one, a cutting mat and cartridges of your choice (preferably one with a font). Class lasts about 2 hours.

Sun., Jan. 25 – Silhouette 101, 1 p.m., $15
The Silhouette Cameo is a die-cut machine similar to the Cricut but requires a computer instead of cartridges. It also has features the original Cricut machines don’t have. If you have purchased a Silhouette Cameo and need help getting started, or are thinking about getting one, come learn the basics of using this amazing machine. We also will briefly go over some of the Silhouette’s other features and capabilities. Please bring your machine (if you have one), laptop computer and a mat. Instructor will supply paper and adhesive. Class lasts 2 hours. Cost is $15.

Sat., Jan. 31 – Beginner Scrapbooking, $5
Whether you are new to scrapbooking, or just need to start over, this class will put you on the path to making beautiful, timeless scrapbooks. You will learn the basics of scrapbooking, including photo cropping, selecting the right colors, titles, embellishments and journaling. Bring 8 to 10 photos of one theme or event, and any of the following supplies you already may own: paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive, a scrapbook, pens and paper and stickers suitable to your theme. You will make at least one scrapbook page and two pages if time allows. Cost is $5 per person, plus supplies. Class lasts 2 hours.

Sun., Feb. 8 – Adv. Cricut: Layering, $15
Join Veronica each month and explore all the things you can do with your Cricut machine and accessories. This month, we are focusing on cutting and building layered images. You also will learn tips to reading the books, color selecting, cutting multiple colors on one mat, and more! Bring your machine, a mat, and paper for note-taking. Instructor will supply the cartridges used in class.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Putting titles on my scrapbook pages has always been a struggle for me. Sometimes, they come easy and other times I just don't know how to sum up my pictures, feelings and memories in just a few words.
The other problem I have with titles is balancing what I want to say with the work needed to create it. The Cricut machine definitely made things easier, but even I quickly grew tired of cutting -- AND GLUING -- individual letters. Then, I got a Gypsy which allowed me to weld letters and turn those individual letters into a connected word. 
The Silhouette has allowed me to print titles with my home printer, with cool fonts and colors, and then cut them out on the Silhouette. I can even cut shadows for the words in different colors. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


There are two things that bug scrapbookers more than anything else:
1. Trying to design a single scrapbook page.
2. Starting a new scrapbook. 

When I start a new scrapbook, and am faced with that single page that stares at me after I open the cover, here is what I do:

My local scrapbook store still carries these 8 1/2 by 11 page printouts that feature things that happened for any given year. I cut the page up into small segments and make some die cuts relating to that year. Very easy, but a great way to start my my new book. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yesterday, I mentioned that I finally spent a Saturday afternoon scrapbooking my own pages -- after some classes fell through and I was already at the scrapbook store. 

Here are two more pages that I finished that day:

I was so excited to finally scrap these photos. Back then, my daughter was 9 years old and still thought it was fun and cool to hang out with her mom on a Saturday morning. We just went to Walmart and Dairy Queen, but it was so special and I had so many fantastic photos to help me remember that very awesome day. 

Welcome to the I Teach Scraps Blog!

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