Friday, April 30, 2010


Here's a funny side story from my trip to Chicago: I knew I would be demonstrating in one of the Omaha area stores but I had no idea if they had hired anyone else for the other stores. Just after I checked into the hotel, I saw a woman who looked very familiar. I walked up to her and said, "I think I know you." She replied, "Yes, I took one of your Cricut classes in Omaha."
I quickly remembered her as one of my students from the Busy Scrappin store in Bellevue. It was awesome to know that someone I taught felt confident enough in her skills to apply for and get such a cool opportunity. I was very proud, and grateful that I had someone to hang out with all weekend. She and I stuck together like glue and were even on the same flight home to Omaha.
If that wasn't cool enough, I recognized another lady while I was in line to eat dinner the first night. I knew her right away and ran over to greet her. She also is one of my former students and now she is the Cricut demonstrator for the Michaels store in Lincoln.
We consider ourselves the Nebraska team, and I am honored to have taught them both. But I have a feeling they will end up teaching me things, too!


Hello! I am finally back from my little weekend trip to Chicago. Ok, so I got back Monday night and today is Friday. I got swamped with mom activities once I got back -- for example, I cooked 200 hamburgers in my kitchen Wednesday for my kids' school book fair.
My trip was great! I got lots of training for my new Cricut demo job, got to play with a Gypsy (yes, I have to give it back eventually) and even got to explore Chicago on a Saturday night.
I also am in the process of practicing on the Cricut Cake machine. That is what I will be demonstrating at Michaels on Sunday afternoon. I hope to have pictures of my Cricut Cake practice run up soon, too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Oh, and before I forget -- the next FREE crop at Hy-Vee will be Saturday, May 15 from 10 a.m. to midnight. We were full again last month, so email me soon so I can save your spot.
I am looking into doing it more often, say two Saturdays a month or one Friday night and one Sunday but that isn't set yet. I'll try to get that figured out when I get back.


I am leaving tomorrow for my training trip to Chicago before I start my new job demoing the Cricut machine for the Provocraft company. I am hearing so many different ideas about what we will be learning and what we will be demoing when the job actually starts May 2. So, I've decided to just wait and see what they throw at me. But be sure, I will tell everything that I (legally) can when I get back.
In the meantime, leave some comments for me here on the blog so I have something to read when I get back. Maybe tell me what is the best thing I have ever taught you. I will pick my favorites comments and give out a little gift to show my appreciation.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010


When I am grocery shopping, I usually have a list and stick to it. I try not to wander down unnecessary aisles, hoping to avoid the temptation to buy something I want but don't need.
But today, I got such a good deal that I am glad I wandered. I found an amazing travel bag set with a rolling duffle bag that is just the perfect size for my Cricut Expressions machine. I've been carrying my machine in the box until now and it is very ackward. The set, which includes a full-size backpack and messenger bag, was originally marked at $40. I got it for $12!


A lot of you may already know this, but I just landed a dream part-time job. I have been hired by Provo Craft, the company that makes the Cricut machine, to demonstrate the Cricut and its accessories at the Michaels Craft Store in Bellevue.
If you know me, then you know that I love the Cricut. I have made so many things with it, and taught many people how to use it. Because of the Cricut, I have discovered my passion to teach crafting. Plus, the Bellevue Michaels store is where I started teaching Cricut classes.
The pay is good, and the best part is that they are sending me to Chicago with about a hundred other people from around the country to spend 3 days learning how to demo and sell these machines. The trip is all-expense paid and I am so excited. I've already used the Internet to find some of the other ladies who will be training with me.
For now, the job is only on Sundays, so I will continue to teach my private classes on Saturdays. But that may change if Provo Craft finds more places for me to demo.
Look for more details during and after my training trip.


So, the prize fairy visited me again!
Look at the huge pile of prizes that you will have to choose
from at my upcoming crops:

There are lots of Joilies, Soft Spokens, clear stamps and various stickers.There is also a pack of Cricut 6x12 cutting mats, and some computer photo programs. I also got a bunch of Stampology clear stamps. These are the kind that have three stamps to make one design, so you don't have to color in your stamped image. They seem pretty cool and I have six packages of them. I will use these for prizes in my raffle drawing.
Remember, the raffle tickets are on sale for $1 from now until May 31st. You can win a Cricut Jukebox, a Cricut Design Studio or this pack of stamps.


At my crop last month, I felt drawn to crop some pictures back from 2007 so I could get that album done. It is one of my biggest ever, and it just seems to be taking forever!
Anyway, I had some pictures of my sweet hound dog, Dixie, to include in the book. She was 13 years old and we were facing the reality that she wasn't going to be around much longer. Some of my croppers probably remember me agonizing over that page.
Here is how it came out:

I am glad that I did that page when I did, or it might have come out much differently.
Our sweet puppy died on April 2, but I still have the memory of making this beautiful page for her.
If you are curious, I used Animal Kingdom for the puppy and Paper Pups for the pawprints. And by the way, Paper Pups is being retired so get it while you can. I will be looking for one!

Welcome to the I Teach Scraps Blog!

Hello! I am excited to have my own blog site. This is way cool. I plan to use this site to promote my scrapbook instruction business, as well as pass on lots of scrapbooking tips and ideas to my family, friends and clients, both past and present. I'll also through a little of my personal life in for fun.Feel free to comment, ask questions, email me, ask me to post pictures of your projects, etc. Just let me know how I can help!