Monday, September 16, 2013


When I look through scrapbooking magazines and websites, I see lots of very neat, creative and amazing layouts. But I also find myself struggling to find a way to use those ideas because so many of them have only 1, 2 or 3 photos on a page. Right now, the emphasis on scrapbook pages seems to the stuff on them -- not the photos. 
But I try to fit as many photos on a page as possible. So I decided to show you my latest layout and give some tips on how I put together a page with multiple photos, and still give it some flair. 

First, the whole layout...

My first step is always to crop all the photos so I only have the best parts of the photo. This definitely allows me to get more pictures on a page. 
Then, I mat all the photos in white. I mat just about every photo in my albums. That is just what makes a layout stand out for me. Everyone has their own design foundations. 

With this layout, the colors were pretty much pre-determined by the colors in the photos. But I tried laying out the photos on several other colors, including aqua and royal blue, before deciding on a patterned paper from Echo Park.
I knew that I wanted that big picture of my son's face to be the focal point, so I moved the pictures around until I found a placement that worked for me.
After that, the trick for me is even out all the colors and create balance. When I taught scrapbooking at Michaels, they taught us about the law of 3s, which is essentially and creating triangles with colors, embellishments and other elements. That is the basis of most of my pages. 
One of my main tricks for squeezing more photos on a page is overlapping the photos so that the best parts are highlighted and the boring parts are covered. 

This page above was a little harder. It took me awhile to find a color balance that I liked. And I can say that I definitely like the first page much better. I wish I would have had a second page of the Echo Park sun paper for the base. But I didn't have another one and I wanted to finish this layout sooner rather than later. 

When I am doing a layout, I usually have an embellishment or two, and a title, in mind before I start. With this layout, I choose the swimmer boy from the Cricut H2O cartridge and made it look like my son. 

This title was actually cut out of a spare picture I took of pool water, then I added the blue shadow and the yellow 2. This is one of my favorite titles in a long time. Never be afraid of using spare pictures to use in your die cut machines. I often take photos of water, leaves and rocks to use for cutting out die cuts later. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I just finished a huge project and I am so excited to finally share it with all of you. I've been waiting to post it until I got it shipped. Hopefully, my brother will get his gift in the mail today, and won't happen to stop by the blog before he opens it. 
So, there have been tons of babies born into my life this year. My brother and his wife welcomed their first child, my sister and her husband brought home a second child and a good friend had twins. Funny enough, they were all boys. In fact, of all the babies I know that were born this year -- only 1 out of about 12 was a girl. Things that make you go hmmm.....
Anyway, so I wanted to make them something they would could use -- and cherish. After seeing something similar on Pinterest, I decided to make a photo album shaped like a baby onesize. 
First the pictures....

I chose greens, blues and browns for the main colors.

I used several Cricut cartridges, including Baby Steps, New Arrival and CM Stork Delivery. 

I used titles on some pages and left some for general pictures. 

For pattern paper, I used Echo Park's Bundle of Joy papers. 

This baby embellishment is one of my faves! 
I added some special details on some pages, such as liquid glass on the whale.

This bowl, spoon and title took me days to complete. I just wasn't satisfied. 

All of the main page details, such as the titles and the monkey, are popped up on foam squares. 

I decided not to use a photo mat on the last page so they could add more than 1 photo. 
Needless to say, I am super proud of how it turned out. Now I need to start making one for my sister, my friend, and I am going to try selling them in my Etsy store to see if I can make some money -- mostly to replenish my scrappy supplies. 
You didn't know I had a Etsy store? Well, yes. But I haven't put anything up there for months. Check it out -- I Teach Scraps Etsy Store. 

Welcome to the I Teach Scraps Blog!

Hello! I am excited to have my own blog site. This is way cool. I plan to use this site to promote my scrapbook instruction business, as well as pass on lots of scrapbooking tips and ideas to my family, friends and clients, both past and present. I'll also through a little of my personal life in for fun.Feel free to comment, ask questions, email me, ask me to post pictures of your projects, etc. Just let me know how I can help!